I generally work with pen & ink and watercolours on buff or brown board, and I like messing about with my pencils too, on occasion.  Children's stories are well within my scope, if you'd like-- though personally, I think my style would best suit dark fantasy/horror and a more mature audience, but that's just my thoughts.

Have a look at some of my Recently Updated favorite pieces and see if there's something for you in my style.  Is there?  Contact me @, message me on all the socials (they're all in the Bio button up top) and we'll talk shop.

The image above is an ordinary pen and graphite character loaded into a photograph backdrop, the image to the left is a watercolour illustration from Welcome Home.

2_img_005 (Medium).png

Above image is another watercolour, I like my water-colours.  above right is a graphite illustration from upcoming Welcome Home Book 2; lower left is a WH40K character drawn in a studio Ghibli style (NERD TRASH ALERT) and lower right is... another watercolour. What a shock.

Two more 40K pieces.  Who would've guessed.

See anything that takes your fancy?

The wargaming aspect of this site is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

I'm a good boy, and while the artwork is mine, I claim no credit for GW's property miniature-wise.

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