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I work primarily in watercolours, ink or pencil.

The Welcome Home trilogy has been my biggest illustrating venture, with over 50 pieces produced for each book.

To give you a general idea of prices, a single full-colour illustration (roughly A4 size) is $100 NZD, not counting research time if necessary.  Monochrome pieces are about $70 NZD.

Have a look at some of my pieces and see if there's something for you in my style.  Is there?  Contact me @, message me on all the socials (you'll find them alright) and we'll talk shop.


Illustration for Welcome Home:  Watercolour on board

Alice in Wonderland personal piece: Watercolour on board

Trisky_and_Ella (Small).png

Commissioned piece: Watercolour on board

warhammer 40k imperial illustration knight

Flavour illustration for Imperial Knight: watercolour on board

Long illustrations for Welcome Home book 2: ballpoint on paper

Multimedia illustration for Welcome Home book 2: ballpoint with watercolour on paper

Illustration for Welcome Home book 2: pencil/graphite on paper

boiled egg illustration

Satirical style cartoon: ink on card

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