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Gallery of completed commissions

Quite often, people will come to me with only a very vague idea of what they want.  I takes a few sketches to come to a decision, but the end result can be pretty amazing.  Here's some of what I've already done over the last couple of years; click on one of the images, and if there's a post on my blog about them, it'll take you there.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K rnegade imperial knigh gladiator
Lonely Kitbasher 40K renegade imperial knight gladiator

VICTORY AWAITS, reposed, extensive kitbash:

Once an Imperial Knight of a noble house now long forgotten, Victory Awaits is now forced to fight daily for his life in a daemonic gladiator arena. 

The gauntlet was given a shield and the base chainsword was replaced with a scratchbuilt one to represent the curved gladus and rectangle buckler of the murmillo; I admit I was sorely wanting to make a helm to match, but the right-sized sphere didn't present itself - the head is magnetized (along with the arms) anyway, and I decided to go with the mask from the WHFB chaos chariot.

His legs are reposed and some of the added trinkets include classic skaven trophies and even the mace from Kharn the Betrayer.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K renegade imperial kight nurgle
Lonely Kitbasher 40K renegade imperial knight nurgle

ALDRICH, extensive kitbash:

Claiming to be loyal to the Imperium and a child of house Terryn, Aldrich has, as his namesake, a peculiar habit of devouring men...

I had to split the carapace open, but in a safe manner that wouldn't fall apart over time.  The gap I then filled with greenstuff... innards, and members of the WHFB zombies kit.  The pilot has a plaguebearer base, and the IK's arms are magnetized.

Lonely Kitbasher 30K raven guard kaedes nex
Lonely Kitbasher 30K ravenguard kaedes nex

30K RAVEN GUARD GUNSLINGER, extensive kitbash:

At the time (and probably not for a while) no official model existed of the Raven Guard character Moritat-Prime Kaedes Nex, so I had free reign to do whatever I wished.  He's got a cape made from durable tin, more greenstuff sculpting that's good for him, and taking inspiration from anime, a coffin to carry his weapons and ammunition in.

Lonely Kitbasher forge world 40K ork kill tank

ORK KILL TANK, no kitbashing, just a straight-up paint:

Lonely Kitbasher forge world 40K ork kill tank

The client odered a Forge World kit and had it shipped to me.  A combination of cyanoacrilate, pinning and two-part epoxy holds the resin together solidly, and I must admit I've never used so much Stirland Mud in my life.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K custodes dreadnaught

CUSTODES CONTEMPTOR DREADNAUGHT, extensive kitbash, extensive magnetization:

The client ordered the Talons of the Emperor box set, desiring a set of obsidian Custodes.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K custodes contemptor dreadnaught

There must be pieces from a dozen kits in this build.  Grey knights bolter and psycannon, Scourge wings, a space marine power fist, some out-of-production weapons from the old Leman Russ kits and even the eagle head ruin from Robute Guillman's base...  There's a lot of ordinary jewelry from the dragon's hoarde and guitar wire there too, along with a Kelly doll face.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K black custodes
Lonely Kitbasher 40K black custodes

CUSTODES, extensive kitbash:

I like to make infantry helmet-less whenever possible, especially when each member is as major a character as the Custodes are meant to be.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K custodes land raidertank
Lonely Kitbasher 40K custodes land raider
Lonely Kitbasher 40K custodes and raider

CUSTODES LAND RAIDER, not-quite-as-major kitbash:

I like to call this one Laurie the Landie by little golden books.  Yes, all in one go.

The few additions to the base kit include more decorations from the dragon's hoarde and a Custodes commander made from spare parts.  Obviously, I had a doll head kicking around too.  It ties it in nicely with the dreadnaught which was also part of this commission.

The entire tank was drybrushed to keep with the obsidian theme.

Lonely Kitbasher forge world 40K cadmus imperial knight lancer
Lonely Kitbasher forge world 40K cadmus imperial knight lancer

HOUSE CADMUS LANCER, minimal kitbash:

Another Forge World piece, and one of a set of three Cadmus Imperial Knights.  The driver was based on the sister of the commissioner, as this was a family project.

The arms are magnetized for shipping/storage purposes.  Being the pathetic Dark Souls fan I am, I also rotated the shield to um... to be the right way around.  A few decorations here and there, and a ridiculously detailed base.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K cadmus imperial knight gallant

HOUSE CADMUS CRUSADER, reposed, minor kitbash:

One of the brothers of the same Cadmus commission, Gearish Rose is a lot more vicious than his siblings, so I put siege drills on the underside of his feet to reflect that.  He's currently putting two Alpha legionnaires out of action, as these IKs were made for a 30K detachment.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K cadmus imperial knight gallant
Lonely Kitbasher 40K dark angels blanchitsu cypher
Lonely Kitbasher 40K blanchitsu cypher

CYPHER, extensive kitbash:

I had already made Cypher once for myself, so I wanted to do something quite different.  The pose was a little difficult to pull off, but with a greenstuff sole and a length of chain for a bit of interest, he turned out solid.  The cape is tin and there are a few additions from other kits in there too.

Lonely Kitbasher 40K alpha legion crimson slaughterer
Lonely Kitbasher 40K alpha legion biker captain

ALPHA LEGIONNAIRES, extensive kitbashing on the biker champion, straight-up paint for the Crimson Slaughterer:

Two centrepieces for an Alpha legion force.  The biker champion has a ravenwing bike base and a lot of greenstuff snakeskin.  There are two two snake heads on the banner pole and the horns are from a Tzeentch standard.

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