Here is a collection of some of my personal best models.  I haven't had the time to make much for myself recently, but here we go anyway.

Everything and more can be found on my social media, check the "Dee's bio" page for a full list.


As you could well note, I love my dreads...  I have five so far, and none of them are built straight out of the box.  As with my space marine chapter as a whole, aesthetic is heavily influenced by titles like Silent Hill and Dead Space.

The two of a pattern you might not recognise are scratchbuilt, using everything from scenery to stormcast eternal shields to actual sterling silver icons out of the dragon's hoarde.


The crown jewel of my 40K collection, and to date my most intense kitbash job.  Each armour panel has been cut out and replaced with wire mesh; she's got a fully painted interior and the total of twelve kit's worth of parchment, litany scrolls and wax seals.

40K SOULSLIKE PROJECT:  Yes, I also rather like Dark Souls, and a Very Small side project of mine is to make a series of 40K characters in the Souls style, that being with weapons fitting the types in the Souls series, similar poses etc.  I've got a secondary blog for when I actually get something done; again, check out my bio page.


Beginning work on the backstory of the Sagodjur Fjorlag marked my first time venturing into the true nature of my creativity, and my discovering the monsters lurking there.  This space marine chapter is about as dark and depraved as you can get while still remaining loyal to the Imperium.

Each figure is ridiculously altered, with the lowest level of kitbashing being a Warhammer fantasy Chaos Warrior body and legs for a base.  As a result, progress is Very, Very slow with some figures having taken weeks to finish.  This is the pinnacle of my kitbashing skill, and as you see, not very practical for work, is it?

Just a few of my favorite one-offs.  Clockwise from left:  Guts from the manga Berserk, Kharn the Betrayer painted in real blood, Graham Macniell's character Uriel Ventris and a Grey Knight made with only four Grey Knight parts.

Lastly is a kitbash of the limited ed Canoness Veridyan figure, styled after the Sago Altar's faerie mascot.  Possibly my top favourite kitbash, as it's related to both the Sago and the single most influential piece of 40K art to my younger self, that famous John Blanche piece the Canoness came from.

The wargaming aspect of this site is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

I'm a good boy, and while the artwork is mine, I claim no credit for GW's property miniature-wise.

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