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The Faerie beasts of Doom, the Dream Seekers


 Founding: 2nd

Standing: Loyalist

Primarch: Rogal Dorn

Successors of: VIIth legion

Status:  Destroyed M35 ++Inquisitor Gillespie to confirm++

Successor Chapters: Blindmarines, ++DATA EXPUNGED++ 

Heraldry: Or, thereon a Sable pale

Chapter icon: A Gryphon's severed head, various great runes

Chapter Master: Wuotan Crowback

Warcry: "On wings of blood and rust I fly"

'...Every creature under the astronomican needs sleep, even Space Marines, tell me no different!  With sleep's denial, mortal or paramortal, comes wandering thoughts and waking dreams-- hallucinations they are called, black visions of the basest and most primal of deep-seated fear, of raw uncertainty.  But Astartes fear nothing - my lords, don't tell me this!  As you wish, no, not physical things as WE fear, no - darkness, heresy's taint, superficial things-- and yes!  We even fear the very angels-- but for what?  For betrayal, for their unreadable action, for their apathetic, emotionless reason and logic...
Know this, still they fear!  And what does an Astartes fear?  What?  I shall tell you.  Betrayal.  The unknown.  To fall without thought into madness.  To be left behind.  To be unremembered.  Do you understand?

'This, my lords, is my point; that these "Sagodjur Fjorlag" are no more than a vision; these "Space Marines" seen and reported numerous times by guardsman and Astartes alike, they are hallucinations, fabricated by decaying and dreamless minds kept awake.  All fear what might become of the Space marines, and that fear is given bodies in our minds in the form of visions.  Give them no thought, no heed should you see them!  Things fouler than traitors can take advantage of your minds in such a state. What you all saw to-day was nothing, it was nothing!  Forget you even thought you saw them.'

To the ignorant mind, and still to thousands of unenlightened scribe-adepts, the late Sagodjur Fjorlag were founded in the cursed 13th founding, where the only other chapters formed during this time were the Death Scythes and the corrupted Crimson slaughterers.  This had been believed since the time the so-called “gryphon mutation” came to the attention of the Inquisition, who had previously ignored this strange chapter within its system so far from the light of the Astronomican.  Only too late was the truth of the Sago Astartes understood, and by the time the machine of the Imperium had begun to turn in their favour, it wasn't enough to save them.

The fact of the matter was that the Sagodjur Fjorlag were amongst the oldest - potentially the first - of the 2nd founding Chapters.  The Praetorian, upon His return to Terra in the last throes of the Horus Heresy, left behind a small garrison on a recently-discovered planet called Nastrond, with commands to hold the fort until he returned for them.  Four thousand years of grief passed since that point...

Chapter organisation

The chapter was divided into eight Companies, or Folks, each containing seven flokks, or squads of seven Astartes apiece.  At full fighting strength, including pilots, commanders and other specialists, this would calculate to about 500 marines at most - already woefully underpowered according to the Codex Astartes.

When deploying in full company strength, the Sago Astartes generally take one of three division formats.

Prime cut, which is deploys the Folk in a single, massive body for large-scale assaults; Sub-prime cuts, dividing the Folk into two or three larger masses best suited for siege; lastly Secondary cuts, which is the preferred method in that it breaks down the Folk into individual Flokks, spreading them over the widest space in order to infiltrate and sow terror amongst the enemy.  But the chapter will rarely commit so large a percentage of its fighting force to a single engagement owing to the sluggish recruitment rate.


Reclusiam: the gryphon's spirit

Great Black Pyramid Alheilagr

Black Pyramids

Red Pyramids

Rusty Pyramids

Blue Pyramids

Priests & attached equerries, attached to Folks as dictated by Alheilagr

The Gryphon's crown

warhammer 40k silent hill Sagodjur Fjorlag

Chapter master: the gryphon's eyes

Wuotan Crowback, chapter master


Librarius: the gryphon's soul

Fimbulthur Niflgugnin, Allfather miscast

Thur Snerra

Thur Erikk

Thur Snorri

Attached heavy support and transport

Click on the images to go to the relevant pages, if there's one attached.  Not all have been added yet.


Apothecarion: the gryphon's platelets

Macrophage Frosti

Attached phagii


Emperor's Champion: the gryphon's sorrow

God Murderer


Suicide cult: the gryphon's scream

Ancient Valtiel

Heavy armour and transports

Quick Pendulum

Quick Brokkr

Dreadnoughts attached to Folks as dictated by Valtiel

The Cuts of the Gryphon's carcass:
The nine Sago Folks


1st Veteran Folk:

The gryphon's skull

1st Lord Kleitos

A Handsome fellow

5 Terminators, the Lords of the Sump

Halvard assault 2, 3 & 4

5 - Sumpmarines (sternguard)

Sternguard 6 & 7


2nd assault Folk:

The flightfeathers

2nd Lord Ghaal

Command 1

Assault 2, 3, 4 & 5

Tactical 6

Devastator 7


3rd assault Folk:

The Blotfjord

3rd Lord Baldr, the sordid crane and master of the rites
Command 1

Assault 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Devastator 7


4th assault Folk:

The Himinfjord

4th Lord Helle, Blocked Mind
Command 1

Assault 2, 3, 4 & 5

Tactical 6 & 7


5th assault Folk: the Lionspur

5th Lord Alice, mute Bat, fleetmaster

Command 1

Assault 2,3,4,5,6 & 7


6th Folk



7th tactical Folk:

Thollr, the Hangmen

7th Lord Thunraz, hollow giraffe and master of executions
Command 1
Tactical 2, 
3, 4 & 5
Assault 6
Devastator 7


8th Devastator Folk:

The gryphon's talons

8th Lord Veggr Hurd, the Doorwall

Command 1

Devastator flokks: 

2 -Chasing the Dragon (plasma cannon)

3 - heavy bolter

4 - Grav cannon

5 - Missile launcher

6 - Multi melta

7 - heavy flamer


9th scout Folk:

The doomed fledglings

Red Pyramid Strandvaskere, master of recruits

Scout flokks and aspirants

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