NAME:  David "Dee" Power, Langshan Hexachord, Lonely Kitbasher

D.O.B: September 1995


Two things inspire me in my art - black metal and nature.  Living in rural NZ at the feet of two national parks means I'm never too far away from the mountains.

Most of what I'm up to, you can find on my Insta: @Langshan_hexachord, which is linked below.

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Here you can find art, works in progress and commissions I've done.  You can find my two personal 40K projects on here too: Æons Mordicus, an Astartes chapter comprised entirely of terminators - and Małgog, a legion of the damned army inspired by the Soulsborne series.

Lonely Kitbasher sago blog banner i'm alone with a dream

Back in the day, I ran a wargaming blog.  Most of what's left is a bit broken but it's important to look back sometimes and remember where one came from.