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My chapter's master, Wuotan Crowback. He's got a warpsmith body and a greenstuffed mk4 hel

Wuotan, son of the Astrological echo of silent death

The last of the the Sago Chapter Masters, Wuotan Crowback was a devastator in past life, tasked for decades with carrying the Chapter's only plasma cannon to war.  His name was Svafnir in that past life, and they called him Crowback for odd quirks of artifice we would perform on his power armour.  He hoped to one day to learn to read - the only prerequisite back then to becoming a Black Pyramid - and if he hadn't witnessed the horrible slaughter of his lord by the hand of a ++data pending++ Chaos champion, he might have become one.


Those of his flokk to witness the horrible death took their lives shortly after the conflict was ended, but Svafnir sought out the Chapter Master's shattered corpse and brought it back to the Nastrond with much weeping.  Needless to say, he gave up learning to read once his calling was thrust upon him so.

For you see, the new Wuotan is not chosen by deeds and valour, nor by long, grey-headed debates of tact and cunning-- in fact, to an outsider, the decision is reached far swifter than many other Chapters.

For as one dies, another is born straightway...  All a Sago Astartes must do is witness the death of their own Chapter master.

It is seldom that the martyrdom of such a hero would not be witnessed by many of his brothers, but the overbearing influence of Dorn's Darkness is what makes this method of being chosen viable; for after seeing such trauma before their eyes a Sago Astartes is gradually consumed by a self-loathing that, if not checked, will escalate into suicide shortly after.


And he who overcomes this darkness with heedless anger is hardly any use to a child of the Praetorian either, so he gets sent to bed without supper that night.But those who overcome, those who remain resolute and accepting of their doom, those will rise above their brothers and take hold of celestial glory as Wuotan, son of the Astrological echo of silent death, such as his full title.


Where possible, the Wuotan will choose to fight alone, as is his wont, but sometimes his proscribed body wards, the terminator Lords of the Sump, will humor him.  Crowback in particular likes to surround himself with plasma as such archeotech may be spared, as the lethality of the thing gives him something else to focus on apart from the anguish of his ascendency.

In fact, the most notable change he ever made to his chapter was to include an entire flokk of plasma cannon, dubbed Chasing the Dragon, from out of his own barony as Svafnir.  The Wuotan himself often carries Sick Child, a plasma pistol used by the last, deceased Chapter master and every other before him - so ancient it barely works and only holds charge enough for two shots, sometimes three.

He wears the disintergrator pistol Magdalene too, a treasure worth more than his own life, along with the power fist Melancholy Requiem which was meant to be a gift to the praetorian, made by the Quicks of ages past.  Needless to say, when the Praetorian returns to Nastrond, Crowback will give him the gauntlet.

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