First, hopefully you'll have a decent idea of what you'd like!  D'you want a kit straight up assembled and painted, a fully painted kitbash, or just undercoated?  Please check the galleries to see whether I'm really what you're after.  Once we've made contact,  I'll send you a few ideas to bounce around and a bit of insight into the cost (price varies quite a bit, I might just add that in now).  If you want a specific kit, then I will ask you to place a deposit via paypal totaling the price of the kit so that I can order it in; it's much cheaper than you sending it to me.


I don't charge by the hour, that'd be ridiculous-- if there's one thing I can't do, it's work quick, I'm afraid.  I used to promise swift work, but that was pretty pointless!  I will not charge you until assembly is complete and you are quite happy with how your commission looks; once you've given the okay (and paid!) I'll and paint and finish it up as per your requirement and let you know as soon as I've got it shipped off!


But before you go ahead and request a squad of pathfinders in pink and white, please recheck the painting styles page and consider whether my style is really what you want.  Though I appreciate glittering blades and clean, shining plate steel, this is not my field.  Remember, the byword of the day is GRIMDARK, so expect as much!

So,  interested, traveller?  What could I make you?

Well, pretty much anything, if you like.  I am a kitbasher, such is my craft.  Please remember that apart from the metal bits and sculpting medium I use, I will only ever use GW-approved kits for my custom builds, so that's no 3rd party pieces-- promise!
D'you have a piece of art in mind that you'd like me to copy from?  I can do that if you like, if you'd steer me towards that certain piece that so caught your eye, or make sure to attach it to the email when you contact me.

STRAIGHT-UP PAINTWORK:  If you pay the deposit I can order in the desired kit and paint it, no conversions or anything.  You can also send me a model of your own if you like, if you're willing to pay the atrocious shipping cost to NZ...

SIMPLE CONVERSIONS:  No big deal; if you want subtle I can try and go subtle.  Head and arm swops, extra chain or barbed wire, you need only ask.

SLIGHTLY-MORE-SEVERE CONVERSIONS:  Making Astartes from warriors of chaos?  A sister seraphim from dark eldar bits?  This is where I truly excel.  Don't be afraid to ask for a squad, either-- it'll take me a while, but I can do this!

TRUE-SCALE ASTARTES:  I have a failsafe way of creating true-scale Astartes from Terminator kits; what would you like?  A simple body for you to work from?  A squad of full-size post-human warriors?

CHARACTERS:  Ork warbosses, Necron lords, harlequins, anyone!  Just because I have Imperial characters on the site doesn't mean I can't make the enemies of mankind too!

IMPERIAL KNIGHTS:  Again, if you pay the deposit, I can order a knight and deck him out according to your every whim.  What would you like?  A basilica?  A gladiator?  I could even just repose the legs and send you the rest of the kit, but that's hardly why you're here!

VEHICLES:  Flyers, tanks, skimmers; would you like something added too?  Trophy racks or extra equipment?

Lonely Kitbasher 40K Sagodjur Fjorlag alone with a dream miniature
Lonely Kitbasher 40K Sagodjur Fjorlag alone with a dream illustration

ARTWORK:  Would you like your glorious hero immortalized in an original A4/A5 painting?  I can do that too if you like.  I use fine quality board and citadel paints to create my little gems of grimdark history.

ANYTHING ELSE?  If there's something I haven't mentioned and you think I could handle, don't be afraid to contact me!  We can work something out, I'm sure.

The wargaming aspect of this site is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

I'm a good boy, and while the artwork is mine, I claim no credit for GW's property miniature-wise.

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