CONTACT ME:  Main form of contact is the address you see to the right.  Facebook is the other route, if you're more comfortable that way.

Communication is the most important aspect of my work; if I am to make something you will be pleased with, communication back and forth is paramount.  If you like, I can send you work-in-progress pictures for you to critique, but only if you want.  I'd like to discuss progress with you, because your happiness is my goal; in that you'll be quite aware of the prices I quote, and happy with the result.



Art is a bit of a different story to miniatures, as each individual piece I've done in the past can't really be put under any umbrella prices at all.  Contact is paramount in this case!  Email or messenger, either way is cool.


Like I said before, I don't charge by the hour; I charge by size.  To give you a rough idea of what stuff is going to cost, in USD:

The straight-up painting of infantry are $3-5 each. This doesn't include the price of the base kit.  $6-10 each if extensive kitbashing is required.

Kitbashed characters are $50-70, depending on size and detail.

Most vehicles start at $100, depending on kitbashing level.  Again, this doesn't include the price of the base kit.

Imperial Knights start at a base price of $270; this DOES include the cost of the base kit.

Just to give you an idea.

The wargaming aspect of this site is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

I'm a good boy, and while the artwork is mine, I claim no credit for GW's property miniature-wise.

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