A dark dream fantasy in a world the divinity left behind


In a post-rapture world such as this, the boundaries of real and unreal are wearing thin.

Princess Henrietta Mary Aono is a 15-year-old college student with a mingled fear and fascination of sleep and the dream state.  The world around her and her friends is crumbling with global warfare and, more insidiously, the blurring of reality and fantasy.  Fears are given physical presence, emotions heal and harm.  Dreams are coming true too, but don't think for a moment it's anything to be happy about...

At such a time, when the divinity has forsaken the universe, who is left to save humanity from their greatest fear?

k complex himawari aono


Put simply, it's a slice of life, paranormal/dream shoujo, and a real passion project of mine alongside the Apocalyptican fairytales.  A Very Long Time ago, a younger, saner version of me was inspired by the likes of Sailor Moon and CLAMP's work (namely RG Veda and XxXHolic) to turn my own dreams into a story in that vein.  This is the culmination of ideas thrown about since 2008.
 Watercolour can be a bit time-consuming/dicey, and production is slow.

A sort of rushed preview of Chapter 1 can be found right here on the site, but don't expect me to be so generous all the time.

My vision is to publish, as it always is, in five-chapter "tankubon" form. While I know the plot, I don't know how long it'll be.

How c'n you support a madman in his foolish venture?

Well, you could buy my book Welcome Home from wherever it is; links on the corresponding page, or message through the FB page below to get a signed one straight from me.  Commission art!  Commission warhammer figures! Do the thing!


Paypal donations to my email might be a thing too, helps buy art supplies and petrol.  You'll get an Insta shoutout { :-)